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Raiding Rules

As a 20-man raiding guild, we require exceptional attendance from all our raiders. The absence of 2-3 can easily see a raid unduly cancelled. Therefore, you are expected to maintain an 100% activity for our 20-man raiding schedule.(If you miss a raid due to IRL issues, then we will not expect you to be absent again for several months after) Note: activity is defined as signing for a raid making yourself available for selection - meaning that you are online and ready.

► If you are going to absent or late for a raid, then please inform an officer or post on the forums.

► Our raids operate on a rotation basis. On occasion you may be asked to sit-out for a raiding week as part of the rotation. However, you are still expected remain unsaved for all raid instance in case your services are required.

► All raid members are expected to be online and at the raid location, or within close proximity, before the raid start time. Raid invites will begin approximately 10-15 minutes before raid start time.

► We expect all our raiders to be fully gemmed, enchanted, glyphed and correctly specced. If for any reason this is not the case, you will most likely be replaced in the raid.

► We endeavour to provide all raiders with necessary consumables, including flasks, food and potions. Food and potions are free of charge, but are sensibly rationed to each player. We also provide all types of flasks during a raid. Each flask is sold for a reasonable fee to cover crafting costs.

► Guild bank also provides enchanting mats to all guild raiders. Enchanting mats are freely available to a raider's main character and spec. However, if our stock certain mats becomes low, then we will closely control the distribution of these mats.

► Once a raid begins there is to be no unnecessary AFKs and/or excessive disconnections. We will invariably have a small break during raids, so please time any AFK activities until then.

Looting Rules

► Loot is distributed using a Personal & Master Loot system. Loot is awarded based on what benefits the raid as a whole, with the primary deciding factors being raid activity and performance.

► After a boss kill we will individually link each loot item. Players who require the item to best in slot item on current tier, then roll`s for it. Personal Loot-system you will pass on non upgrade items to common sense decide who will receive a upgrade loot.

► To facilitate the Personal & Master Loot to process, all raiders are required to compile their 'Best In Slot' list for the current raiding content, and be aware of it.

Teamspeak Rules

► The guild has a teamspeak account that may be freely used by all guild members. Connection details can be found in the in-game Guild Information.

► During raid times all raiders are expected to be logged into Teamspeak, without exception.

► All raiders are required to have access to a microphone, in particular key raid personnel such as tanks and healers. Some encounters require players to quickly communicate key boss mechanics, e.g. targeted debuffs, etc, so microphones are essential.

► During boss encounters, teamspeak chat needs to be kept to a minimum with only raid leaders and key personnel speaking, along with any important information from other raiders.

Raider Trials

► All new recruits will be invited into the guild on Trial. A trial period lasts a minimum of 4 weeks, and we reserve the right to extend this period if we feel a player requires more time to prove themselves.

► As a trial you are expected to maintain an extremely good activity to prove your raidworthiness!. 100% activity is expected as a new recruit.

► During a trial period, loot will be prioritised to full guild members. However, trials are still capable of gaining loot during our raids.

► Passing a trial period requires a player to have a high raid activity, demonstrate good raid performance, and display a good attitude and dedication towards their raiding and others within the guild.

General Guild Rules

<Reddit> expects a mature atmosphere in guild chat. Any public drama between guild members will not be tolerated. If you have any grievances or complaints, then please approach an officer about it.

► We allow social non-raiding members within Reddit. However, social invites are restricted to established guild members' relatives, friends, etc.

► Social members and their conduct is the responsibility of the sponsor.

► Guild members are allowed to have an unlimited number of alt characters within the guild. An alt's main character name needs to be written in the public note.