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rainswift / Apr 25, 2016

World of Warcraft : Legion coming in 30th August 2016 and new class is coming in the expansion.i will put the change of classes with spells,talent tree and what they ganna remove in legion plus im going let know about the dungeons and Raids with ...

Svenni / Feb 19, 2016 / Prog

<Reddit> is a semi-hardcore and 3days Raiding Guild. Looking for skilled members to have the best social network on well organized raiding. Looking for us? Apply on any level to

Svenni / Feb 15, 2016

We have though months ahead of us, it will not be easy.Reason why, you need to donate your life and blood to the guild.Is a blood pact with no chance to undo before we have granted our goals together.Regards svenni

Svenni / Jan 11, 2016 / Prog

Monday 11. January We enter the mythic doors of hellfire citadel. Iron Reaver standing before us, and fall on their knees! Reddit will remove another challenge next time!